The Magic of  Vocáli

“You will leave touched by the experience in ways that are difficult to quantify, but which will make you want to go out among the people of the world and make it a better place.” 
–  Janine Elich, Vocáli Student

What We Are

Vocáli Voice Camp is a very small community-based/volunteer assisted Camp, whose purpose is to validate, encourage and promote the creative abilities of all people  with their voices through music and spoken word. As our Director, Joe Craven, puts it, “Your voice is the most portable,versatile, amazing musical instrument you’ll never buy!” Our voices are reflections of who we are. We help you become more of who you already are – through your voice.

There are two voice platforms that Vocáli teaches from; Music and Spoken Word. Sounds to music to songs – dovetail – words to language to stories. It’s how to use the unique and personal blueprint that is your voice – expressively and compellingly – that we pursue and explore. We also cover care and feeding of your voice and how general good health prepares you for success in using your voice creatively and effectively.

The year 2019, we were proud to introduce a third voice platform; the beauty of poetry.

This is not an ability based camp; the Faculty of Vocáli validates where you are – and moves you forward from there. Anyone can come to Vocáli and leave changed for the better, both creatively and with greater confidence.

We are four days of voice instruction from Thursday afternoon till Sunday morning. Our sessions cover a wide range of topics combined with performance opportunities and evening activities. Stars gazing, making new and/or reuniting with friends, eating delicious / nutritious food, tons of laughter, lots of “ah ha!” moments and so much more, await you each year at Vocáli.

Where We Are

Vocáli Voice gathers in Northern California at Tokayana Cottages in Colfax, CA.  We’ll be in the beautiful foothills with the smell and feel of clean alpine air. At Vocáli, you’ll also experience an artful bouquet of wholesome organic foods, teas, coffee.

“I’ve been testifying and reflecting since my return down the mountain, mostly remarking on the place, the company, the food and the teaching/facilitating which was as good and better than any I have yet experienced. And that’s a lot!”         

– Vocáli Student 2016