Welcome to Vocáli Voice Camp

What we are

Vocáli Voice Camp is a small family owned & operated / volunteer assisted education retreat. Our purpose is to validate, encourage and promote the creative abilities of all people with their voices through music, spoken word and poetry. As our Director Joe Craven puts it, “Your voice is the most portable, versatile, amazing musical instrument you’ll never buy!” Our voices are reflections of who we are. We also explore and promote the idea that your voice is also the expression of content of your view of the world. We help you learn to become more of who you already are – through your voice – and how that is a gift to us all.

Sounds, songs and the written word, dovetail to words creating language that become stories. It’s how to use the unique and personal blueprint that is your voice – expressively and compellingly – that we pursue. This is not an ability based camp; the Faculty of Vocáli validates where you are with what you know – and moves you forward from there. Anyone can come to Vocáli and leave changed for the better, both creatively and with greater confidence. We learn as one large group, so we all move through the same experience together, uniting as friends old and new. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope you’ll join us to begin your beyond here at Vocáli,

Pamella (Yaya) and PaJoe Craven,