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Kimberly Ford

Her joyful, alluring voice, brings out not only the beauty in lyrics, but also their story.

                                      – Scott Yanow  “Jazz Singers: The Ultimate Guide”

Kimberly is a fabulous artist both vocally and on numerous other instruments. As an educator, she is an in-demand vocal coach and music instrument teacher. Kimberly is also a well known voice-over artist for film, television and environmental and corporate education. Vocáli’s beloved instructor Inga Swearengen says, “Kimberly Ford is Fantastic!”                       

Kimberly studied with members of Bobby McFerrin’s “Voicecestra,” and she currently teaches vocal improvisation and Circle Singing through Santa Barbara City College. She is Co-Director and head of vocal studies at the Santa Barbara Jazz Workshop; a big band styled Jazz camp held each July in Carpinteria, CA.  

Notably, as part of her residency at the International Paralympic Winter Games in 2016, Kimberly developed a voice work/public speaking program for elite athletes. Her program offered both relaxation and mindfulness training as well as a method for improving communication skills for athletes that were invited to share their experiences with their communities.  

Educationally, Kimberly’s mission is assisting others in finding their own voices. By releasing anxieties and tensions and freeing the voice, Kimberly assists people in finding both personal and shared musical pathways to help celebrate a sense of musical community as well as the joy of personal vocal expression. 

Kimberly also writes essays, fiction and memoirs. She is a former ski instructor and white water dory boatman and can be spotted rowing her dory in the Santa Barbara harbor weekly. No one is really sure why she does this but she is generally singing along with some band only she can hear.

Kimberly Ford provides excellent vocal instruction in a safe, encouraging environment for the novice to professional… and her approach is fun and filled with positivity.  I love that she is also a touring musician and recording artist because she imparts her valuable experiences and her wisdom.

                                           – Alison Tuma

Susan Wooldridge

Susan doesn’t teach poetry so much as unlock itHer teaching itself is poetry.

                                           –  Amy Tullius, Poetry and the Piano Workshop

Combining her heartfelt passion and consuming drive with a rallying call to get the poet out of you, Susan carries a B.A. in anthropology from Barnard College and an interdisciplinary masters in art and writing from CSU Chico, where she developed a love for performance art as well as printmaking and ceramics.  She’s held workshops on the creative process of language with thousands of adults and children, including teachers and youth-at-risk. Poets & Writers Organization and CA Center for the Book have sponsored Susan’s sessions in over 80 rural California libraries.Her workshops, aiming for “goofy profundity,” have been featured in Poets and Writers magazine.         

Susan’s book Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life With Words (Random House, 1996, in a 29th printing) is on many lists of the best books on writing. Susan’s chapbook of poems, Bathing with Ants, (2004) invited a trail of Argentinian ants into her kitchen. Her book, Foolsgold: Making Something from Nothing  (Random House, 2007) is about creative process. Susan is now writing a book about land and language from a “canned ham” vintage trailer.  Vocáli Voice Camp is honored and proud to present her to you.

Life can be like a poem that way, with the unexpected appearing in the room,not just on the page.

                         – Susan Goldsmith Woodridge 

Sheridan Malone

Sheridan Malone is a singer/songwriter from Ukiah, California, at Vocáli for the first time with vocal production his primary love. He’s been studying the mysteries of voice for many years, has a slightly different take on technique and harmony, and still explores what’s possible with first one, then multiple voices. He also plays ukulele, guitar, and upright bass, and really enjoys playing ensemble, especially with multi-part harmony. In addition to teaching at RiverTunes Camp for now 7 years , he’s taught workshops at Ukiah Ukefest, Ukes On The Loose,  California Bluegrass Association Camp, Walker Creek Music Camp, El Cerrito Free Folk Festival, and  at Emandal Art Stays in Willits. He performs regularly around  Northern California, and gives private voice lessons. He’s looking forward to helping us all discover more of our vocal and aural capabilities, and ultimately more of  ourselves.

Visit Sheridan’s website at  

Presence stays with us. Fun to think we were making an entire story of the weekend. – Vocali Student

Joe Craven

Joe Craven

 Your Improvisation class introduced and connected me to many ideas; spontaneity as movement without “thinking”… all of us already improvisers in speech and ways to connect that to improvised music, hearing music in speech, (that was way cool), metronomic rhythm in our walk … The value of vocal scatting … I know there was more. This is an onion with a lot of layers. More please and thank you!

                                                                  – Vocàli student

Award winning educator, former museum curator, visual artist, actor/storyteller, and event emcee, Joe has so enjoyed making richly diverse music over 30 years with many folks whose music you may well know and many whose amazing music you may never know.Whether with corporate heads in Contra Costa, CA, Goodwill Industries, The United Way, young men in a juvenile detention center, families in homeless shelters, a university lecture in Washington, jamming with Gnawa musicians in Morocco, on stage at Carnegie Hall with Stephane Grappelli, or on a ladder with an angel food cake pan in front of thousands of school kids in Scotland… no matter who and what Joe’s connected with, he’s at home and loving every minute.

A multi-instrumentalist in the world of strings and percussion, Joe’s favorite instrument is the human voice. Vocáli is a longtime dream and community he’s finally being able to see and hear with the help of some extraordinary people.

Joe Craven is Magical

– San Francisco Chronicle