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  • Vocáli Voice Camp Policies & Release Agreement

    For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, every person attending Vocáli must be well behaved and/or not disruptive to the Camp experience of other participants. Participants who behave unacceptably (in the sole discretion of Vocáli Faculty or staff) or who violate Vocáli policy or procedure will be asked to leave the premises. The registration of any participant who violates Vocáli policy or procedure may be terminated without refund. At our discretion, Vocáli Voice Camp reserves the right to refuse registration or admission at anytime to anyone.
    (Translation # 1- You gotta be nice and follow the rules).

    Vocáli Participants hereby release, waive, and discharge Vocáli, its directors, officers, representatives, sponsors, partners, employees, and other students and participants (collectively, the “Vocáli Parties”) from any and all liabilities, expenses, damages, losses, judgements, claims or causes of actions in equity or at law, that Participant or personal representatives, may have or hold against any one or more Vocáli Parties, arising out of any of Participant’s activities while attending Vocáli.
    (Translation # 2 -We make and practice safety and well being as top priorities for all at Vocáli, but Vocáli Parties cannot be liable for any accidents that occur to any individual participants while at our Camp).

    Participant hereby grants to Vocáli, for its benefit and for the benefit of others, the non-exclusive and perpetual right to (a) interview, photograph, or otherwise capture the image of a Participant, both in still and motion pictures, (b) record the voice of a Participant,separately and in synchronization with images (c) use and duplicate such photographs or other images, whether in print or video or other formats, and reproduce the voice of a Participant, separately or together with such images for the purposes of Camp promotion. All copies of a Participant’s image and voice created or recorded by any one or more of the Vocáli Parties shall be, at the least, the property of Vocáli.
    (Translation # 3 – You agree to allow us to use images and sounds of your smiling face and joy of performing to share with others).

    Participant has read this General Release and Statement of Policies and Procedures and understands the contents and that this release is a necessary condition to Participant’s enrollment in Vocáli. This release shall be binding and enforceable under the laws of the State of California.
    (Translation # 4 – You understand and agree to the policy letter – with our thanks).

  • As previously mentioned on our “Details” page, your registration fee includes a nonrefundable $75.00 deposit. You may receive a full refund (minus that deposit) until midnight April 2nd. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Make your Payment

    We are introducing a new pricing structure this year, a “sliding scale” where participants will pay between $475 – $600 based on each individual’s ability to contribute. We appreciate and encourage as many of you as possible to pay between $550 – $600 this year in order for the camp to meet its budget.

    To make your payment, enter your payment amount, and click submit. You’ll then be taken to our secure PayPal page where you can complete your payment. Please help others by paying more if you can. Thank You!
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