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Sessions with Kimberly Ford

Finding Your Voice – personal resonance

We will begin this session by simply making vocal sounds in different registers of the voice. We will use the practice of toning, an ancient healing modality, to sing awake and alive all of the chakras and prepare us to use our voices more completely.
We will also explore various vowel sounds and shapes and simple breathing techniques to get the most our of our vocalizing. We will introduce “Circle Singing” with simple parts and begin using our voices in small groups to create free improvisational musical compositions.

Exploring Your Voice – personal and collective expression

We will explore the vast landscapes of our voices including dynamics. Individual language and wordless, musical story telling. Circle Singing games will invite both spontaneous and musically structured vocal responses. Session 2 will also emphacize rhythmic and melodic group work. We will learn about deep listening to support and encourage the expression of others.

Voice as Community – many expressing as one

We will celebrate the combine textures and tambours of our collective voices. Our Circle Singing Choir will expand all of our individual voices into a greater whole through deep expression, mindful melodic and rhythmic focus and a deeper collective resonance.

Breakout Sessions TBA

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Sessions with Susan Wooldridge

Journal Wild!

Susan will share glimpses of her journals (begun at age thirteen.) She will cut and bring prompts, collage materials, pens and dictionary pages to tear and cut. We will pour our hearts into our own and/or small paper folded journals playfully and in a realm of safety and joy. Susan will provide paper, pens, photos, clippings. Bring a journal if you have one. Though all you need to bring…


Poemcrazy  Sessions help us feel excited about language and self expression in both poetry and prose and song. Susan will first explain about her journals and her own writing process. Then we’ll gather (and steal) words from a scattering of books and create a group “word pool”.

Through play we’ll delve into what the soul says, heart says, mind says, water says, our town says and more… as we write about who we are, where we come from and where we’re going. Along the way we will explore imagery, close observation, and metaphor immersed in what poet Ann Waldman calls “goofy profundity”. We’ll welcome both laughter and tears. Sharing work is always optional. (Susan will supply scratch paper, color pens and pencils along with matchboxes and collage materials.)

Sing Words

In our Sing Words Session,  we will slip words from our Poemcrazy and Journal Wild sessions loosely into song. We will play with sound, rhythm, line break, breath, chant, timing, and melodies that might emerge from our words. We will playfully discover which words call out to be sung, shifted, or perhaps read to melodic shapes or percussive rhythm. Or some of us might just jump up and break out into dancing. This session will dovetail with one that Joe will move us through.

Breakout session TBA

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Sessions with Sheridan

Casting Off Into The Sonic Sea (Lifejackets Not Included)

Can you learn to sing music by ear, by rote repetition, and by guess and by golly? In this session we’ll all jump in the vocal deep end: We’ll take a song melody in unison, and try to apply what we’ve learned about cooperating to create a sonic singularity. Then without a score, we’ll try to apply more layers and colors to the chordal cake, and in the process, we’ll raise the rafters.

A Super Sonic Journey (It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Ping)

Within each of us lies a life-bringing capability to generate a unique and powerful sound. If you can discover a singular resonance on one vowel or one note, you can learn to gently grow and shape it to happen in your entire range of vocal tones.

In this session, we’ll learn to play with our voice and sonically expand it so that even a single note can consistently create audible overtones. We’ll also learn to sing higher (and lower) by finding and capitalizing on our own “sweet spot” facial mask targets as we gently gain range without strain. Ultimately, we will raise our resonant voices in a unison note and listen simultaneously for some of the mystic reverberations. E pluribus unum et vice versa…

Greater Than The Whole (Bringing in the Angels)

When resonant voices join together in harmony the net effect is a miraculous cascade of sounds larger than the group.

In this class we’ll learn to shape our voice and match it with others so that it sounds like one voice. We’ll start in pairs, then trios, and quartets and then we’ll learn to move our vowels together from unison to multiple harmonies with out sacrificing our consistency. There may be a smidgen of triad theory and the physics of overtones, but there will be more vocalizing and listening in a spirit-cleansing immersion into a bath of sweet sounding chords.

Breakout Sessions TBA

Sessions with Joe

Poem to Song

WOW – a fast and fun moving class with the goal of timed creative movement with spontaneity. Write a poem in 5-10 minutes based on an assigned theme. We’ll pick a few and explore intention in a poem through blending the language of words working with the language of music. We’ll put rhythm and harmonic mood intuitively & playfully to match content within a poem. We will be surprised and/or delighted with what can come out of these stories that are told in words and music.

Poems tell a personal story. Everyone has the ability to write such stories, short or long, and that is grist for the mill of songwriting, whether it’s your first or 50th one.

There are different ways to approach writing a song; sometimes the music comes first and then the lyrics. In this class, Joe will guide you with the approach of story first and then the music to serve the written word. 

Improvisation; In the Moment and Without a Net 

There can be many ways to define what the idea of improvisation is but, fundamentally, what makes it work is simply movement. Receiving, responding and expressing, starts you on the road to flowing with the unknown and, better yet, learning to be comfortable with it and perhaps even yearning for it in creative process. For creativity is a pursuit of possibility and that, my friends, is what we’ll shake hands with and play with.  

Seeing BlindBolded

Expressing and creating with an editor can open you up to different ways of being and engaging the world different than what you’re used toEnjoy the invisible and, therefore, personalization of imagery that comes from spoken word and music